2023 Humanities Fair event information

Sunday, March 26, noon to 4pm
Nueva Upper School, Writing & Research Center (WRC)

What is the humanities fair?

Join us for an afternoon of presentations, performances, hands-on workshops, and interactive exhibits, as Nueva students PreK to 12 and their families explore what it means to build a society. 

You’ll choose your own adventure from a menu of 35 unique sessions led by our special guests and Nueva students, faculty, and parents. Stop in for one session, or stay for four. Make a plan using the session descriptions below and the schedule at a glance.

Don’t forget to stop by the Nueva Book Fair and Spirit Store pop-up shops on the first floor.

Parking will be available in the garage under the school and the overflow lot. Follow the signs from the 28th street entrance.

Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase (cash only).

Session descriptions

Lower/Middle School

Middle/Upper School

All Ages

Noon to 1 pm

What Do You Do With A BA in English? With Musical Songwriter Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez’s 2004 Tony award-winning musical Avenue Q begins with the song: “What Do You Do With a BA in English?” Learn about his own career journey to answer that question, from his childhood attending a school for gifted children (much like Nueva!), to his humanities education at Yale University, and back home to live with his parents until his breakout success on the stage and screen.

WRC Main Stage. All ages.

Robert Lopez is an acclaimed musical songwriter and lyricist, best known for his Broadway musicals Avenue Q and Book of Mormon, as well as the Disney hit movie and B’way musical Frozen, which he wrote with his collaborator and wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez. His movie and television work include songs for Coco, WandaVision, Scrubs, South Park, and the Simpsons. Lopez has the unique honor of being the first person in history to be awarded a double EGOT. His latest work, the musical comedy television series Up Here, dropped on Hulu on March 24, 2023.

American Sign Language with Bill White (PreK-2nd)
Of the more than 380 languages used in the United States, only one of these consists of hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions, rather than the spoken word. Get a ‘feel’ for American Sign Language as we learn the ASL alphabet, play games, sing and sign our way through this exciting hands-on workshop! You will learn enough signs to chat with your friends from across the room . . . without making a sound!

Room 215. Note that this sessions is for preK2nd grade. A second session at 1pm welcomes 3rd6th grade.

Bill White is the founder of the Happy Baby Signs and co-author with Kathleen Harper of the internationally best selling book, Signs of a Happy Baby. He has taught ASL in multiple settings and is a popular guest at Nueva. He has also taught baby signs to organizations including Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health and multiple libraries and mother’s clubs. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychobiology from University of California, Santa Cruz. Bill is passionate about how signing greatly helps babies connect with their parents and is the proud father of two hearing sons who both sign.

Who, What, When, Where, Why: How to write like a journalist with the Editors of the Nueva Current
This session is an introduction to reporting and journalism, and will teach about how to combine writing and interviewing to create a story about the real world.

Room 217. Middle School students.

Led by The Nueva Current editors Aaron Huang ’24 and Grace Finke ’23.

The Environmental Club Presents Kate Rawson’s Red Basin: Animating environmental themes and activism through multi-media theatrical production
Nueva students will have the opportunity to read a scene from award-winning playwright Kate Rawson’s new production Red Basin and to provide feedback on different potential endings to the work, and Carson Middleton (9th grade) will interview Kate about the process of creating Red Basin and the environmental dystopian themes it explores. Co-sponsored by Nueva’s Environmental Club. Red Basin is a multi-media production about a fraught mother-daughter relationship, Red Basin takes place in Silicon Valley ten years from now, when only the privileged get to experience the natural world in real life, everybody else can only wander through a forest courtesy of a virtual-reality headset. We watch thirteen-year-old Kelyn discover what has been stolen from her and ask what happens when our connection with nature is severed, how much we care about that and how much technology can be a replacement for it. It is an adventure story about adaptation, extremism and loss of innocence.

Room 240. Middle/Upper School.

Kate Rawson is an actor, voiceover artist and playwright who likes to tell uncompromising, innovative and honest stories about contemporary life. She won a UK Academy Award for her radio drama about baby loss (Little Blue Lines) and is currently developing Red Basin a multi-media stage play about tech, trees and being a teenager in 2033.

The Miniature World of Ava’s Triumph with Linda Woo
Have you ever created a miniature world? Co-creators Linda Woo and Mary Miller did in their picture book, Ava’s Triumph. Each scene was REAL and filled with the beauty of the things they love. It was a delight to create and to photograph. In this session, Linda will show you scenes from other books of Miniature worlds (Viva Frida, Benjamin Bumper to the Rescue, and others). Then she will read Ava’s Triumph and show you how some of the scenes were created. And finally, you’ll get a chance to create a miniature scene of your own, and take a photograph of your miniature world just like we did for our book. What beauty will you put in your world? Feel free to bring objects of your own to put in your miniature scene!

Room 340. All ages.

After a career in tech and academia, Nueva Parent Linda Woo (Naïla) developed a bug to work in the creative, artistic space. Using software iterative design principles, artisanal craftsmanship, and close-up photography, Linda collaborated with artist Mary Miller to create Ava’s Triumph, a picture book about a young bunny artist who pushes herself to make the most of a mishap. Learn more at https://www.avastriumph.com/post/the-world-of-miniature.

Nueva Classical Music Club Presents: Mozart meets Beethoven with Edward Arron and Jeewon Park
Join the Nueva Classical Music Club and special guests Edward Arron and Jeewon Park for a performance and discussion of Beethoven’s 12 variations on “Ein Mädchen Oder Weibchen” from Mozart’s “Magic Flute. How does Beethoven make magic out of Mozart’s theme- twelve times over! The performance will be followed by Q&A about Arron and Park’s career journeys in classical music.

Room 245. All ages.

Internationally acclaimed husband and wife duo Jeewon Park and Edward Arron have been performing chamber music together for over twenty years. Arron, a graduate of Juilliard, is an Associate Professor in music at University of Massachussetts, Amherst. Pianist Park is a graduate of Yonsei University, Juilliard, and Yale. Together they are the artistic directors of the Clark Art Institute in Willimastown, Massachussetts. Their 2021 recording of Beethoven’s complete works for cello and piano was released on the Aeolian Classics Record Label and received the Samuel Sanders Collaborative Artists Award from the Classical Recording Foundation.

I Am A Thief: The Artwork of Sally Smith
Learn about how an artist steals materials and ideas from the world around her and brings them into her studio. Participate in an activity involving Venetian red oil paint.

Room 346. Middle/Upper School.

Sally K. Smith is an artist working in Berkeley, California. She creates charcoal from unique materials such as money, chocolate and poppies. The charcoal is used, sometimes also with oil paint and other materials, to create meaningful compositions. Sally also paints landscapes and portraits, usually with oil paint on linen.

1pm to 2pm

Steel Drums Take Trinidad
Come experience a taste of Trinidad and Tobago as students from the high school steel drum band share about their recent trip to the Caribbean country! They will cover the annual Carnival celebration and the role of soca and calypso music in shaping the country’s vibrant culture.

WRC Main Stage. All ages.

The Nueva School Steel Band, led by Jim Munzenrider, encompasses all three divisions of the school. Jim has performed with world-class musicians such as Ray Holman, David Rudder, Robert Greenidge, and Tony Lindsay.
Natalie Sepulveda is a 10th grader who has been playing triple guitars/cello pans in the band for four years.
Caleb Oshinsky is a 12th grader who has been an avid tenor pan player since 7th grade, and joined the band back in elementary school. He is known for his bright red spaghetti strainer steel pan.
Eliza Shields is as 12th grader who has been participating in Steel Drums on and off since first grade, playing the double seconds and leads.
Luca Lit is a 12th grader who has been in the band for six years. Megan Branstad is a 12th grader who has been in the band for four years.
Ryker Vasallo is a 12th grader who has been in the band since first grade.

American Sign Language with Bill White (3rd–6th)
Of the more than 380 languages used in the United States, only one of these consists of hand gestures, body movements and facial expressions, rather than the spoken word. Get a ‘feel’ for American Sign Language as we learn the ASL alphabet, play games, sing and sign our way through this exciting hands-on workshop! You will learn enough signs to chat with your friends from across the room . . . without making a sound!

Room 215. Note that this sessions is for 3rd6th grade. The session at noon welcomes preK2nd grade.

Bill White is the founder of the Happy Baby Signs and co-author with Kathleen Harper of the internationally best selling book, Signs of a Happy Baby. He has taught ASL in multiple settings and is a popular guest at Nueva. He has also taught baby signs to organizations including Kaiser Permanente, Dignity Health, Sutter Health and multiple libraries and mother’s clubs. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychobiology from University of California, Santa Cruz. Bill is passionate about how signing greatly helps babies connect with their parents and is the proud father of two hearing sons who both sign.

What do Lawyers Do All Day? with Dean Michael Kaufman and Nueva Parent Lawyers
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a lawyer? They just stand in a courtroom and argue with one another, right? Nope! Lawyers do all sorts of interesting things. Their legal practices are often as wide ranging as people themselves: lawyers advocate, teach, mediate, judge, represent, research, analyze, legislate and more. Join us for this interactive, problem-solving panel that will help you understand what it is to be a lawyer, and figure out what they do all day!

Room 217. 7th-12th grade.

Duo Chen is currently the Chief IP Counsel at Box. In addition to working as an in-house attorney at a number of enterprise software companies, she also worked as a litigator in a law firm setting, and as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Before becoming an attorney, she was an electrical engineer in the telecommunications field.
Dan Fisher-Owens is a partner at boutique law firm Berliner Corcoran & Rowe. He has practiced law since the very late 20th century, focusing on the regulation of US exports of high tech items, such as semiconductors and cryptographic items, as well as compliance with US economic sanctions against countries like Cuba, Iran, and Russia. Before going to law school, he earned a Masters in the history of the medieval Middle East and worked as a translator for human rights organizations.
Michael J. Kaufman is currently Dean and Professor of Law at Santa Clara University School of Law. Prior to joining Santa Clara University, Dean Kaufman served as Dean of Loyola University Chicago School of Law for five years and as Loyola’s Acting Provost and Chief Academic Officer. Dean Kaufman is a renowned teacher and scholar who has published 39 books and countless law review articles in three areas: education law, equity, policy, and pedagogy; securities regulation and litigation; and civil procedure and dispute resolution. A dedicated and award-winning public servant, Dean Kaufman was elected three times and served for twelve years on the Board of Education for a diverse school district in the Chicago area. He founded Loyola’s Rodin Center for Social Justice, Institute for Investor Protection, Rule of Law Institute, and Education Law and Policy Institute, which is dedicated to strengthening racial equity, special education, school discipline reform, early childhood education, and anti-bullying. Dean Kaufman also has delivered bar examination review lectures to more than one million law school graduates throughout the country, including in California.
Joshua Levenberg is currently Chief Counsel at PG&E, the company that supplies gas and electricity to your home. He handles all kinds of issues there, ranging from protecting PG&E’s computer network and the electric grid from hackers, helping to make sure trees can be trimmed and cut down to prevent fires, to making sure that PG&E is following all of the federal rules that apply to energy companies. Before working at PG&E, Josh worked at law firms as an intellectual property litigator and served as a pro bono attorney representing Tibetan refugees trying to get asylum in the United States. Before becoming an attorney, Josh worked for a research and consulting firm that focused on telecommunications issues in developing countries (Josh worked in Latin America) and got a Masters degree in International Economics.
Margaret Lynch is a child advocate and former attorney with a solo practice in San Francisco representing both children and parents in the child welfare system, and children in the family law system. She also engaged in pro bono work representing children in school expulsion hearings. Before going to law school, Margaret studied literary theory in graduate school, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Round Robin Stories with the Nueva Kindergarteners
Join a collaborative story circle with the Kindergarten class. We will divide the participants into groups of up to 4. We will start with a prompt and go round robin for adding a line or two to a story. We will then explore ChatGPT to generate the description of a painting that describes the final story and use DALL-E to actually generate the painting.

Room 218. Lower School students.

Geography Bee with Rachel Freeman
Test your knowledge of all things geography in this fast-paced trivia GeoBee!

Room 240. Middle/Upper School students.

Rachel is the Nueva communications and website manager and ‘resident triviamaster.’ During COVID lockdown, Rachel facilitated and led more than 25 trivia games for members of the Nueva community. She loves trivia and seeing how much Nueva community members know!

Found in Translation with Chris Scott and Ted Theodosopoulos
The famous American poet Robert Frost supposedly said, “Poetry is what is lost in translation.” Although he never actually said that, it is a truism that something is always lost when translating from one language to another and that poetry is particularly difficult to translate. What, though, is actually lost in translation? More importantly, what is gained? In this workshop, we’ll consider these and other compelling questions regarding the theory and practice of literary translation. We’ll also try our hand at translating some poems from Japanese and Greek. As we will see, poetry can be found in translation, not just lost. No knowledge of Japanese or Greek required.

Room 245. Upper School students.

Chris Scott (Ph.D., Stanford University) has been teaching Japanese, Japanese culture, and translation studies at Nueva since 2014. He is also an active and accomplished translator himself, having published three book-length translations from Japanese, including most recently Kim Tal-su’s “The Trial of Pak Tal and Other Stories” (Seoul Selection, 2022).
Ted Theodosopoulos (Ph.D., MIT) has been teaching Math and Economics at Nueva since 2017. He designed and taught a seminar in linguistics at the Saint Ann’s School in NYC, and he led a workshop on Logic and Language at Nueva. For the past sixteen years, Ted has been writing poetry, in both English and Greek, and has worked on several literary translations, most recently Dora Tsogia’s new play, “The Peach Tree” (premiered in Athens, 9/14/21).

Litmag Writing Workshop
Join fellow writers to create one-of-a-kind social writing pieces at the Litmag Writing Workshop! Litmag is hosting a 1-hour event where you can choose to either participate in a group writing activity (or work on your own) inspired by a selection of writing prompts. At the end, participants have the opportunity to submit their writing that may be featured in a future Litmag issue. No age requirements or prior experience required.

Room 247. All ages.

Led by the Nueva Litmag Editors Sebastian Johansson and Grace Chan. Sebastian has always been passionate about writing throughout his life and revived Litmag as a way to allow other students to share their work and love of writing and art. Grace has always loved the visual arts and has a passion for making them accessible to the public. In addition to running Litmag, Grace also creates zines, illustrations, and (attempts) crochet sweaters.

Make Your Own Pamphlet Stitch Journal with Sari Ordody
In this workshop, you will learn how to fold, nest, and sew sheets of paper together with the pamphlet stitch, and attach a cover of your making. Choose from different textures of interior paper, colorful bookbinder’s thread, decorative paper or cloth for the cover, and pretty ribbons for closures to make a simple booklet that expresses your personality. Pair with the Chapbook session at 2pm to plan and fill the blank pages with your ideas.

Room 340. All ages.

NPA MS Co-President Sári Ordódy delights in sharing her passion for bookbinding with the Nueva Community through intersession, auction events, and now the Humanities Fair!

Expressive Arts Therapy: Collage & Writing Workshop with Tina Mizukami
Sign up for a Collage & Writing exercise that is rooted in the Expressive Arts Therapy tradition (7th-12th grade). We’ll be using both hemispheres of our brain to get curious about how art/imagery/free flow writing reveal parts of ourselves. We will go over some agreements – kind/safe space and confidentiality are the 2 key ones. Participants will collage on a 5×7 sized cardboard piece, then using process and a prompt, participants will write about what they see in the finished piece. Participants will go over what they wrote, highlight the key ideas, and do a dyad/small group share. Volunteers can share with the larger group if they choose.

Room 346. 7th–12th grade. Max 12 students. Sign up at check-in desk.

Tina Mizukami, MA, LMFT, RYT-200 believes everyone has the innate ability to heal and is moving towards wholeness and resolution. She has been in private practice for over 10 years, worked as a Bereavement Counselor for Pathways (hospice) and was an instructor with The Art of Yoga Project, bringing yoga and art to youths in the San Mateo County Juvenile Justice system.

2pm to 3pm

Nueva Author Parent Panel
Join our panel of Nueva parent authors for a conversation about life as a writer and the journey from pen to publication.

Main Stage. Middle/Upper School students.

Ateret Haselkorn writes poetry and fiction. She is the author of the novel Call Me Obie.
Trina Currier is the author of Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain. She is the parent of a junior.
Yangsze Choo is the author of The Ghost Bride, now a Netflix series, The Night Tiger, and the upcoming, The Fox Wife. She is the parent of a senior.
George Barnett is a parent of twin middle schoolers, who writes about strategy in all walks of life, both in book form and in a Substack newsletter.
Linda Woo is the author of a picture book, Ava’s Triumph. She is the parent of an 8th grader.
Ariel Balter is an academic, essayist, fiction writer and author of the memoir, The Maternity Labrinth. She is currently searching for a publisher for her novel, Yeshiva Girls. Her daughter is in 10h grade.
Eric Ball is the father of a recent alumnus. He co-authored, Unlocking the Ivory Tower, and is the author of Silicon Galaxy, a science fiction story

Women’s History Month/Spring Themed Poetry Workshop
Come to a reading and writing workshop for lower school kids! In this session, we’ll read and discuss poetry specifically on Women’s History Month and Spring, both of which are occurring now. We’ll talk about how the poems move us and write a couple of our own.

Room 215. Lower School students; all ages welcome.

Hailey Feldman is an 11th grader at Nueva High School.

Spotlight: The Unsung Journey of Unshackling Criminal Justice Biases with Ayaan Dhruv
A brief presentation about the history and current criminal justice.

Room 217. Middle/Upper School students.

Ayaan Dhruv is a seventh grade student who is very interested in criminal justice. His recent paoper on the topic was awarded the Gold Key (top honors) at the Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

Nature and Community with the Nueva First Graders
In Emily and Lindsay’s first grade class, the children are embarking on studying nature as our community. In what ways are we responsible to nature, and how can we give back to this global community that sustains us? The children have identified four key research topics including climate change, nature as our teacher: biomimicry, the cycle and balance of nature, and the relationships between plants and animals. During the Humanities Fair, we invite you to come and celebrate the amazing learning and growth in first grade!

Room 218. All ages.

Emily and Lindsay’s class are the Secret Starfish. Much like their namesake, they are stars. They are deeply passionate, empathetic and filled with heart. They are mathematicians, readers, and writers and so much more. They are determined to make change in the world. Through their study of nature as a community, they are learning and teaching others how to give back to the community that enriches us all – nature.

Writing from the Heart with Nicole Chen
Meet local children’s book author, Nicole Chen, as she pulls the curtain back on how books go from an idea in your head to a real product you can pull off a bookshelf. She’ll talk about how she draws inspiration from her life to craft her stories, and how authors, illustrators, and editors collaborate to make a beautiful picture book or stunning, fun-to-read novel. You’ll enjoy a reading of her picture book and a peek in her middle grade novel, and hear about some fun secrets hidden inside the pages!

Room 240. Lower School students.

Nicole Chen’s experience growing up Taiwanese American, and the blend of Catalan, Spanish, Taiwanese and American influences in her present home fuels her desire to write and tell stories that reflect a diverse and multicultural American identity. Nicole lives in sunny California with her Andorran husband and young daughter. Her debut picture book, HOW WE SAY I LOVE YOU, illustrated by Lenny Wen and published by Knopf BFYR, released December 2022, and her debut middle grade novel, IT’S BOBA TIME FOR PEARL LI!, from Quill Tree/Harper Collins, releases February 28, 2023. To learn more about Nicole, visit storiesbynicolechen.com.

I am here because… with Documentary Filmmaker Damani Baker
Nueva students Oliver Cho, Kayla Ling, and Jacob McNab in conversation with documentary filmmaker Damani Baker.

Room 245. Middle/Upper School students.

Damani Baker is a filmmaker best known for The House on Coco Road (2016), Still Bill (2009) and 100 Years of Women (1999). Baker’s more than 20-year directing career includes work that spans museum exhibits, feature documentaries, music videos, and advertising. Most recently, in his critically acclaimed feature, The House on Coco Road, Baker combines family Super-8 with archival news and family interviews to weave his mother’s personal story with broader historical threads in order to tell a story of migration and the Grenada Revolution. The House On Coco Road and his first feature, Still Bill—on the life and music of the legendary Bill Withers—have been critically acclaimed and have enjoyed worldwide distribution on Showtime, Netflix, and BBC. He is a tenured professor at Sarah Lawrence College, where he teaches filmmaking to a diverse group of creatives and ensuring that stories from all communities continue to be told with grace, dignity, and power.

How to Write a (Chap)Book with Lachlan Chu
In this session, students of all ages can learn hands-on how to cultivate their ideas for any kind of book (picture books, chapbooks, novels). They will be mentored in both the writing and publication process, including self-publication and dissemination.

Room 340. All ages.

Lachlan Chu is an 11th grader at the Nueva High School and the self-published author of the novels The Space Between Blinks and Our Bodies are Still Clay, and is passionate about creative writing.

Technology and Ethics: Where’s the balance between what we can do and what we should do? with Matt Berman
The pace of scientific and technological advancement has far outstripped our ability to consider the ethical consequences of that progress, which is why many of the largest tech companies have been hiring Philosophy majors to help guide their decision-making. Without you even knowing it, people you’ve never heard of are making ethical decisions that will have a profound effect on your life. In fact, in some cases, ethical principles are being programmed into your own gadgets. But what ethics? And whose? In this session we’ll consider and discuss a few of the many ethical issues and decisions raised by modern science and technology.

Room 345. 4th through 8th grade.

Matt Berman was a teacher at Nueva for nearly 20 years, and was the founder of the Nueva Center for the Humanities. He brought many new subjects to the Nueva Lower School, including: Philosophy, SWI, the Path of the Hero, Adaptation Studies, and Constructing the Universe (not to mention weaving, making pop-up books, and writing musical plays).

Star Struck! Read and Draw with Eunice and Sabrina Moyle of Hello! Lucky
Join author-illustrator sister-team Sabrina Moyle and Eunice Moyle for a read-and-draw from Star Struck! the latest in their graphic novel series, The Cosmic Adventures of Astrid and Stella. These humorous, light-hearted adventures highlight two best friends (a unicorn and a flying squirrel) and their antics in space. Inspired by Eunice and Sabrina’s global childhood travels, the technicolor series is packed with relatable conflicts, ridiculous puns, and serious silliness. The read-and-draw will be followed by Q&A and book signing.

Room 346. Lower School students; all ages welcome.

The Moyle sisters are the creative team behind Hello!Lucky andthe bestselling author and illustrator of books including the award-winning My Mom is Magical!, My Dad is Amazing!, and Go Get ‘Em Tiger! 

3pm to 4pm

Nueva Coffeehouse
Join Nueva high school students as they showcase their talents in the many fields of the humanities!

WRC Main Stage. All ages.

The Nueva Coffeehouse was started in 2018 by upper school students, to provide a time and place for members of the Nueva community to showcase their talents in music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and more. There are two events every school year, one in the winter and one in the spring.

From Roti to Rangoli
Join us to explore Indian culture and tradition through food and art. Hone your skills in a variety of traditional Indian activities including rangoli, henna and roti making. We will have: colored powders to make intricate rangoli patterns that you then destroy in the Buddhist tradition, samples and supplies for you to do your own henna art on your palms, a demonstrations of roti making, dough for you to try rolling out perfect circles, and pre-cooked rotis for you to taste, bindis to try on, spices to sniff and identify, and books to browse about all these topics.

Room 215. All ages.

SANG (South Asians at Nueva affinity Group) co-chairs Riga Mann and Vara Ramakrishnan will guide you through all these fun explorations.

Red Flag! How to Engage in Civil Discourse with Olivia Chiang
In an era of tribalism, civil discourse is essential. “Red Flag” will teach youth about affective polarization and techniques to engage respectfully in political dialogue. Through a role-play simulation, participants will identify logical fallacies, speak persuasively, and compromise. We hope this activity inspires students to become politically engaged and foster empathy at Nueva, and beyond.

Room 217. Middle School students; all ages welcome.

Olivia Chiang is a junior at The Nueva School. Struck by the severe polarization plaguing our political system, she founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Let’s Talk Unite in 2021 to raise awareness about polarization’s ramifications and transform the way we approach political discourse. She leads local workshops on identifying bias and manipulation, designs open-source conversation guides, and hosts a podcast featuring interviews with leading researchers concerning the intersection between polarization and corporate interests, vaccine hesitancy, and religious identity. Olivia is also dedicated to promoting positive educational experiences for all students. While volunteering with the nonprofit 100 Days of Conversations, she studied 100+ conversations on youth education and co-presented at the National Department of Education and Assessment for Learning Conference. Long term, Olivia aspires to conduct transformative research that disrupts our echo chambers and reshapes our political dialogue.

Turning Poetry into Dramatic Play with David Robinson
In this session participants will briefly learn why poetry recitation is important for building cognitive skills and in small groups, adults and children will all have an opportunity to play-act a poem in front of the whole group.

Room 218. PreK-2 and parents, 16 families max. Sign up at the Welcome Desk.

PreK teacher David Robinson joined the Nueva community in 2019. He enjoys observing how young children construct their own knowledge, and combining learning and play in his own education. He is an avid knitter, skateboarder, and baker.

Creating an Illuminated Letter with Rebecca Loveless
What’s the history behind those fancy, decorative letters at the beginning of fairy tales? They’re called “illuminated letters”, and they have been a tradition for over 3,000 years. Come learn a bit about how they originated, then spend some time designing your own! Inspiration and templates will be provided.

Room 240. Lower/Middle School students.

Rebecca Loveless is the Structured Word Inquiry Coach on the Hillsborough campus. She’s fascinated by words, language, and storytelling, and she is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher. 

Using Film for Social Impact with the Nueva Social Impact Filmmaking Club
The session will explore how film can be used for social impact, including the Social Impact Filmmaking Club’s video series “Humans of Nueva,” an ongoing video project to spark inspiration and connection within the school community.

Room 245. All ages.

Social Impact Filmmaking Club (SIFC) is a student run club that aims to create social impact through film, videography, photography, and other media. Past projects include the Humans of Nueva series and the Nueva Artist Spotlight. SIFC is currently working on a documentary short about fog in San Francisco.

From Beowulf to Shakespeare: English Past, Present and Future with Seth Lerer
Dr. Lerer will discuss the history of the English language, including the evolution of pronunciation, how we still owe so much to the past, and how the study of these past English works and worlds helps us understand the literary imagination today. We will discuss why the humanities matter, and why studying literature in a STEM world makes you a different kind of (not necessarily better, though) person, and how to explain to your parents – who may want you to be a doctor or an engineer – why you may really want to be a poet.

Room 247. Upper School students.

Seth Lerer is an American scholar and specialist in historical and critical analyses of the English language, particularly Geoffrey Chaucer. He is a Distinguished Professor of Literature at the University of California, San Diego, where he served as the Dean of Arts and Humanities from 2009 to 2014. He previously held the Avalon Foundation Professorship in Humanities at Stanford University. Lerer won the 2010 Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism and the 2009 National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism for Children’s Literature: A Readers’ History from Aesop to Harry Potter.

Blackout Poetry with Hailey Feldman
Write your own Blackout Poem! Blackout poems start with a written piece of text from a book, newspaper, or magazine. The poet blacks out words, in order to come up with their very own poem. Blackout poetry pages give new meanings to old texts, and the interplay of those texts often creates new and surprising meanings.

Room 340. Middle/Upper School students.

Hailey Feldman is an 11th grader at Nueva High School. 

It’s Alive! Bring your Book to Life through Self-Publishing with Katie Goldstein
Join Katie Goldstein ’12 to learn how to publish your own stories! She will share her journey to create, publish, and market two self-published books, and the tools and tricks to create and distribute your own story.

Room 345.

Katie Goldstein is a lifelong reader turned pandemic author. Her children’s picture books, Ottie the Otter and Sell Me A Story are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. As a kid, she tried to read all the books in the Nueva (’12) & Crystal Springs Uplands (’16) libraries before adventuring to the East Coast to explore a new library at Dartmouth (’20). Currently, she moonlights as an author, but during the day, you can find her reading, working as a product manager for Microsoft, or exploring.

Cartooning for Graphic Novels and Comic Strips with Khalid Birdsong
Do you want to learn to draw professional comic strips and graphic novels? Then this workshop is for you. Join cartoonist Khalid Birdsong as he shows you step-by-step how to design characters and reveals the secrets of drawing dynamic and professional-looking comic pages.

Room 346. Middle School students.

Khalid Birdsong is an Art teacher and cartoonist living in the bay area. His comic strip Little Fried Chicken and Sushi is syndicated on GoComics, and he’s worked as a freelance illustrator and published several comic book collections.

All day

Nueva Book Fair pop-up shop
Stop by the Nueva Book Fair pop-up shop to browse the curated-for-Nueva selection of books for all ages, including those authored by our special guests! Proceeds benefit literacy programs across the community and campuses.

First floor hallway.

For more information about Book Fair, visit www.nuevabookfair.org.

Nueva Spirit Store
Got school spirit? Stock up on Nueva-branded PJs, water bottles, journals, and more.

First floor hallway.

Middle School Magazine
Drop in to the WRC Lounge to browse copies of the middle school magazine.

WRC Lounge.